Our Story

We’re a lead generation agency based in the United Kingdom. We help businesses like yours reach thousands of new customers and generate high converting leads using online ads.


The year we started

PayPerCustomer was founded by George Robinson with his Strategic Advisory Board. When starting they combined their business expertise with their understanding of digital marketing to develop a smarter, data-led approach to lead generation.

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Business Growth

PayPerCustomer is proof that fast growth and good lead generation go hand in hand. In the last few years, we have continued to outperform the growth of our competitors and double our expected performance.

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Industry Leading

Board of Directors

We combine our innovative approach to generating leads with the experience of our Strategic Advisory Board. Their active involvement means that we can offer our clients a depth and breadth of insight into the best ways of helping their business generate leads & ultimately grow their sales.

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Our Board

Prof. Tom Foulkes OBE

Tom’s initial career was in the British Army, where he held a number of technical roles, culminating in being responsible for the efficient management of the entire army estate, worth over £5bn. He then became Director General of the Institution of Civil Engineers, before going on to chair the board of a major urban regeneration venture. He now works as an independent consultant, as well as being a visiting professor at Surrey University, and a steering group member of Cambridge University’s Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction.

George Robinson
Managing Director

George started his business journey in marketing at a young age, working with local businesses on their website and digital marketing. Over the years he worked in businesses such as Lloyds Banking Group, EDF Trading, Flubit & Fubra. One of the key consultancy roles that George fulfilled was managing and running a team around a marketing campaign for a Financial Services company that does $500m+ in annual revenue. George founded and raised investment to ultimately setup PayPerCustomer, personally running the day to day.

Richard Jones
Board Member

Richard is an exceptionally successful serial entrepreneur who built up over a handful of multi-million pound retail and business service delivery businesses which he has then sold on to create the foundation for further investment opportunities.  He provides deep business development skills and experience, with a profound insight in what makes businesses grow.

Dr Hugh Tinsley
Board Member

Hugh has spent over three decades as a management consultant, working in UK, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East, working with governments and global corporations, with major technology businesses such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Salesforce.  He understands how to use technology to enable companies to transform their business successes, and the analytical skills and rigour to drive successful development.

The Future

We are an ambitious business and are determined to continue the trajectory of exponential growth we have already established. We know that this can only be done, however, by driving the success and growth of all our customers, and believe that our future success is inextricably linked to that of the businesses we serve.

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